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Welcome to Red Wine & Weights! I started this blog as a means to encourage women to live their lives authentically, optimally, and relationally  through faith, fitness, and friendship. My hope is that you leave this site better than you came. So grab of a glass of red wine with me and join me on this crazy adventure called life!


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A time for everything

Ecclesiates 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. I think if there was a verse that could best describe my life at this moment, it would be this verse. The last year has been full of slow, steady changes but the last month has been one big change after another. I have changed my last name, my marital status, my lifestyle, my address, and now even my career is changing. Preparing to merge my life with another person has meant a lot of priority changes. My hobbies, goals, and fitness had to take a backseat as I planned a wedding, moved, and prepped for marriage. As my husband and I left the gym after our first workout in quite some time, I couldn't hel




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