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Welcome to Red Wine & Weights! I started this blog as a means to encourage women to live their lives authentically, optimally, and relationally  through faith, fitness, and friendship. My hope is that you leave this site better than you came. So grab of a glass of red wine with me and join me on this crazy adventure called life!


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God, Grace, and Goals

It's January 20 and the time where most resolutions made with the most zeal and best intentions have probably fizzled out at best and come to a screeching halt at worst. I've never been one to make resolutions; I found I always broke them but January 2 and then turned to a vicious cycle of "I'll start Monday" or "I will start next month". However, I am a fan of goals and regardless of the stereotype that resolutions are essentially made to be broken, I believe New Years is a wonderful to renew and reset. I have been really struggling with my mental and emotional health over the last few months and because of that, this New Year's ended up being a much-needed time for my husband and I to take




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