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Welcome to Red Wine & Weights! I started this blog as a means to encourage women to live their lives authentically, optimally, and relationally  through faith, fitness, and friendship. My hope is that you leave this site better than you came. So grab of a glass of red wine with me and join me on this crazy adventure called life!


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Starting Small: Daily Changes You Can Make For A Healthier Life

One thing my mom always taught me as a teen was that in order to accomplish anything, the key is to start small. I can get very easily overwhelmed (hello anxiety!) and I would call my mom often when I was at the brink of meltdown, like when I was taking finals in college or planning my wedding. After calming me down, she would encourage me to break down what it is I needed to get done and focus on just accomplishing the next small thing. Now the more I actively pursue living an optimal and authentic lifestyle, the more I see my mom's advice reiterated by CEOs, life coaches, fitness instructors, and even the Bible. Luke 16:10 says "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted w




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