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Creating a Life you Love (Living Fully)

A common ideal that has been popping up in my life lately has been the concept of "creating a life you love".

As an unmarried woman in my early twenties, this is often the advice I get from older, married friends and colleagues who encourage me to start living a life I love now instead of waiting for my life to start when I get a promotion or married or have kids, etc.

This concept came up again tonight when I was going through this course/Bible Study called Loving Your Single Life. Stephanie Mae Wilson, creator of the study, brought up the fact that so often people think they have to wait for the next big thing (for young women it's often the notion that life begins once your happily ever after happens) in order to feel like their lives can truly start.

This ideal has come up so much recently so it got me thinking, "What kind of life am I living? Do I love it?". It also got me thinking of the verse John 10:10 where Jesus says, "I have come that you may have life and have it to the full".

As I have begun my fitness journey by hiring an awesome online coach (shout out to Jeremy Griffin!) to falling in love with weightlifting and healthy eating again, I have begun to truly love my life again. I have lost some weight, gained more confidence, gained more discipline, and had more energy and that's just in a few weeks! As I take care of myself, I have found that I am able to put more time and energy to my hobbies such a reading, writing, and fitness i.e. living fully.

The correlation between physical fitness and spiritual fitness has always fascinated me and I'm again reminded that "living fully" comes after living a disciplined life. I too often forget that God has an abundant life planned for me, one filled with so many dreams and goals I could never fathom for myself and that I could never achieve a part from him. When I live life purely for myself, I am discontent. Just as I am discontent when I am doing what I want with no discipline (eating what I want, not working out cause I don't feel like it, spending mindless hours on social media or Netflix instead of achieving my goals).

So tonight I sat down and had time with God and wrote down all the goals and dreams I had. I was surprised that I came up with things tonight that I honestly wouldn't have come up on my own. As I look at some of my goals and dreams, I catch myself thinking, "Why me?" and I hear God saying "Why not you? You can do all things through I who strengthen you."

Create a life you love. Live fully. And know that God wants to change the world through you and give you an abundant life.




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