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I'm Really Too Young to Be Feeling This Old

This blog post is a little bit different from the earlier ones.

I used this blog originally to document my fitness journey and the lessons I learned on that journey as it corresponded not only to the physical but to the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of my life as well.

The purpose of Red Wine and Weights is to serve as a place where people, mainly women, can be inspired to live a life of balance.

I'm learning that balance comes in different forms at different ages. When I first started this blog, I was 23, single, and just starting down my journey of following Jesus. Now I am 25, married, and still figuring out my faith but I'm a little deeper than I was 2 years ago.

I'm still growing and learning in the areas of faith, fitness, and overall life. I will never stop learning how to live a life of balance.

In this last year, I met AND married my husband (this route is not for the faint of heart lol!). I quit my job, started my own social media consulting side hustle, and began a job training to be a kickboxing instructor. I'm in the process of getting a certification in fitness nutrition and making new friends. I'm transitioning over to a whole-foods, plant-based diet while still figuring out how to enjoy my red wine (and weights - I will never forget my first love!). There have been many changes, some small and some large, that have occurred just in the last few months.

A year has 4 seasons that it cycles through but the human life has oh so many more. Some bitter, some sweet, some somewhere in between. I'm loving and living as I am finding the balance in it all.

Sweet friend, whatever you are going through, know that it will not last. That may be a comfort to you if you are in a rough spot. Or that may be an incentive to you to drink in and truly enjoy your current season. Trust in God or seek Him out if you aren't sure where you stand. I'm always here for questions or concerns.

Sweet friend, whatever your season may be, just be.




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