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God, Grace, and Goals

It's January 20 and the time where most resolutions made with the most zeal and best intentions have probably fizzled out at best and come to a screeching halt at worst.

I've never been one to make resolutions; I found I always broke them but January 2 and then turned to a vicious cycle of "I'll start Monday" or "I will start next month".

However, I am a fan of goals and regardless of the stereotype that resolutions are essentially made to be broken, I believe New Years is a wonderful to renew and reset.

I have been really struggling with my mental and emotional health over the last few months and because of that, this New Year's ended up being a much-needed time for my husband and I to take a step back and plan for 2019. Three weeks in and we are fortunately staying relatively on track while also allowing for some grace.

In 2019 I hope:

1. To get physically healthy again. The chaos of life can sometimes get in the way of that and when you're mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, it can tend to zap the energy out of you. That happened with me. I'm very thankful that I work for companies that are centered on fitness and have begun workout out again which has been a game changer for me so far in 2019.

2. To continue growing in my relationship with God through reading the Bible. My faith is so important to me. This last year has been full of so many ups and down and my one constant is my faith in Jesus. He provides me hope and peace when I am mentally and emotionally unraveling. In 2019, I want to continue spending time in the Bible and I have found an app that has helped me with that called Dwell.

3. To read more! I love reading and don't get to do enough of it. Because of my husband's dyslexia, he uses Audible which I have started to use as well order to listen to educational books on my commute. I also have a goal to read more fitness to give my brain a break. I have started reading the Star Wars novelizations which has been a fun way to unwind!

4. I want to experience more things! I live in an awesome city with lots to offer but I'm more of a homebody. I want to build my relationship with my husband by trying new restaurants and broadening our horizons.

Sweet friend, 2019 doesn't need to be "your year". You do not have to try and "better yourself". You are perfectly and wonderfully made by a God that loves you. Life is hard and the best plans and intentions are so often thwarted. That said, it is so important to hope and dream and plan. Have goals. Work towards them. Give yourself grace when you fail. But remember that "being your best self" starts just being yourself.

Cheers to 2019,



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